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A.G.A Company Limited is a leading supplier of high quality tempered glass lids for cookware. 

We provide our large variety of high quality tempered glass lids to most of the leading cookware manufacturers around the world for two decades.
Our high-shock resistant tempered glass lids are available in Standard Dome, High Dome and High Dome-Cut shapes.


Our high quality break-resistant tempered glass lids are produced with either Stainless Steel rings, or Silicon rings.

We produce the tempered glass lids to fit every kind, every size and every shape of cookware. We produce standard round lids, oval lids, square lids and rectangular lids.

* We produce High Quality Tempered Glass Lids.
* We deliver very fast.
* We offer very competitive prices.
* We have very large production capacity.

We look forward to having you as one of our satisfied customers.


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